Tuesday November 5, 2013

The key concepts of continuity and change, cause and effect, complexity, unity and diversity over time
Agenda: Boom or Bust questions, Pop Culture assignment

Sherri’s Classroom Etiquette

1. Music – only when working individually

2. Food – Clean up

3. Cell phone

4. Disciplinary Arrows – 55 mins. Here at school to make up.

5. Leaving class

6. You can miss four days and be able to make it up. Attendance points.

7. Extra points

8. Always ask questions

9. Agree to disagree – respect each and all opinions

10. Be to class on time – 10 mins or more late – won’t be let in, or must be signed in by someone

11. Off periods are 3rd and 8th

12. Be nice and respectful of yourself and others.

13. Have manners: please and thank you go a long way.

14. Be responsible for your learning and engagement. You will only get out what you put in.

Boom or Bust

1920's pop culture

1920's video

1920's girls